Antivirus Problems You Should Be Aware Of

It is very likely that an upcoming virus or Trojan could infect dozens, hundreds of computers, and possibly thousands. This is particularly true for network worms. Therefore, it is essential that antivirus software providers are able to provide updates quickly and efficiently to prevent these computer bugs from becoming widespread.

Unfortunately, a lot of AV programs are plagued by a variety of major problems that compromise their effectiveness. If you’re using one of these software you must be aware of these issues so you can take the necessary steps to safeguard yourself.

First the fact that many anti-virus programs can’t detect all Trojans and viruses. This is due to the fact that hackers are constantly generating new malware. As a result, far from any anti-virus program sold off the shelf or on the Web will provide a protection at a level that is close to 100 100%.

Another issue is that many common software issues can cause symptoms that look like virus-related issues. It is vital to look for other causes of problems, before you suspect that your computer is affected by a virus. Some malware can display pornographic images in the screen or articles of news. Another indication is a display which displays ads for websites that you haven’t visited.

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