How to Choose the Best Board Portal Software for Business

The board portal software you select will affect how your company performs. Be sure to select a software that is easy to use for everyone on your board, and helps to increase the level of engagement, participation and productivity, as well as meetings.

When you are looking at board management software options, you should consider these essential aspects that will help select the best option for your organization:

Centralized access to meeting materials and documents, with restricted access to ensure that only board members have access to private information. Sharing that is optimized to simplify the process of disseminating board documents and makes it easy to upload and reviewing meeting materials from any device.

This tool allows you to sign important documents electronically, like minutes of meetings and policies documents. This feature is essential to decrease the threat of cyber-attacks that cost companies more than $1 trillion per year, according to McAfee.

A user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate with simple icons and a clean layout, designed for mobile and desktop computers. Flexible design allows for customization. Create custom dashboards, bookmark important pages and documents, and create bookmarks.

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Board portals should include a meeting scheduler that makes it simple for admins to send invitations and reminders to attendees, and also a schedule of upcoming meetings as well as preparation materials. During your demos, ask each potential vendor about their scheduling procedures for meetings and how they handle last-minute changes to agenda items or document updates.

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