Mock Test of Subject Verb Agreement

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Subject verb agreement is an essential part of writing. It ensures that the subject and the verb in any sentence agree in terms of their tense and number. To ensure that your writing is accurate and grammatically correct, it is essential to practice subject verb agreement regularly.

To help you practice and improve your skills in subject verb agreement, we have a mock test for you to take. This test will help you identify the areas where you need improvement and give you a chance to correct your mistakes.


Read each sentence carefully and identify the subject and the verb in the sentence. Then, choose the correct verb form that agrees with the subject.

1. The dog and the cat (plays, play) together in the garden.

Ans: play

2. The book on the table (belong, belongs) to me.

Ans: belongs

3. Neither the students nor the teacher (was, were) able to solve the problem.

Ans: was

4. The group of tourists (has, have) arrived at the hotel.

Ans: has

5. The news about the accident (are, is) very disturbing.

Ans: is

6. The data (is, are) being analyzed by the team of researchers.

Ans: is

7. A pair of shoes (is, are) on the doorstep.

Ans: is

8. Each of the students (has, have) completed their assignments.

Ans: has

9. The committee (has, have) decided to cancel the event.

Ans: has

10. The company`s profits (has, have) increased significantly this year.

Ans: have

In conclusion, practicing subject verb agreement is crucial for any writer to produce grammatically correct content. By taking this mock test, you can assess your skills and improve in areas where you need to. Remember to always check the subject and verb agreement in your writing before submitting it to ensure the best outcome.