Peace Agreement Sudan and South Sudan

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On September 12, 2012, Sudan and South Sudan signed a peace agreement in Ethiopia`s capital, Addis Ababa. This agreement signaled the end of decades of conflict and division between the two countries.

The agreement resolved several issues, including the demarcation of their shared border, the protection of each other`s citizens, and the sharing of oil and other resources. The agreement also set up a joint committee to oversee the implementation of these measures.

The peace agreement between Sudan and South Sudan was a significant step forward for both countries. For Sudan, the agreement brought an end to the fighting in the border region, which had been ongoing since South Sudan became independent in 2011. For South Sudan, the agreement meant the reopening of its oil fields, which had been closed due to disputes with Sudan over transit fees.

The agreement was not without its challenges, however. Both countries had to make difficult compromises in order to reach a deal, and there were concerns that some elements of the agreement would be difficult to implement.

Despite these challenges, the peace agreement between Sudan and South Sudan has held up reasonably well. Both countries have made efforts to implement the provisions of the agreement, and there have been no major conflicts between the two since the signing of the agreement.

Overall, the peace agreement between Sudan and South Sudan was a significant achievement for both countries. It showed that with dedication and compromise, even long-standing conflicts can be resolved peacefully. While there is still work to be done, the agreement provides a promising foundation for a more peaceful and prosperous future for Sudan and South Sudan.